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Digital Innovation in the Retail Space



As technology advances, one of the most fascinating areas where Digital innovation is touching consumers’ lives is the Retail space. Retail today has two broad segments- In-store and e-commerce and we are seeing innovative ways in which brands are using digital channels to reach out to their customers. Continue reading

App vs. Mobile optimized site. Which one is for you?




As mobile phones become increasingly popular around the world, some buzzwords and trends have emerged:

Everyone wants / needs an App. The word App is suddenly so cool. Everyone is using it or wanting it or building it. Web App, Mobile app, you name it.

But are Apps the only way to reach your consumers on mobile? What do Responsive and Adaptive sites do then? What’s the difference and what does your business need? Here are few key pointers on how to make that decision on where to spend your marketing budget. Continue reading

Mind-blowing tech gadgets you didn’t know!

smart frying pan


You’ve probably read and imagined about them in science fictions, not realizing that it would have inspired and spurred the imagination of a techwhiz in some corner of the world.

Now here they are …  smart frying pan to privately funded moon mission to zipper less smart suitcases,  Continue reading

Young netizens – jack of all, master of none?

google brain

What’s the capital of Peru? Ahem … let me check it on the net

How many millions make 100 lacs?The answer’s on the net

What is Dr. Anand’s number? Just Google it  

What is the smallest bone in the human body? Wait, don’t bother … I’ll look it up myself

Do you get the drift? Fifteen years ago if you were confronted by these questions, you would probably have rattled off those answers without a blink. Continue reading

Will the ‘missed call’ strategy ring in the cash registers for Facebook?

facebook missed call

Facebook will soon be unleashing its ‘missed call’ advertising strategy specially for the Indian market. Coming close on the heels of the Garnier Men Missed Call Campaign which ran during the Indian Premier League (IPL) earlier this year, this concept is not a first-of-its-kind in the Indian market. Pioneered by Quikr.com in 2012, it has been experimented by several big brands like Unilever, Disney, Oreo and Pepsi too.

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The art of web writing, via the stomach


Came across an interesting article on how restaurants design menus so that customers spend more.

While reading it occurred to me that many of the things cited in the article are actually good examples of how one can make web visitors stay engaged with the page and the site.
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The art of writing headlines

killer headlines

A newsletter I subscribe to had a subject-line that was provocative enough for me to open and read the newsletter.

The first denouement was on opening the newsletter, I found no mention of the article that triggered my opening the newsletter. Made of sterner stuff, I scrolled down the forest of sub-headings to the link that was on the subject line … only to be completely disappointed. The subject line and the story is on the link below:

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When Brands Go Social

blog - when brands go social

Even as brands successfully use social media, one can’t help thinking that only the surface has been scratched. The social-media eco-system has been with us only for the last five or so years and is continually evolving with newer platforms emerging and some old ones falling by the wayside
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